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The  EU Pro Bono  Masterclass

The European Pro Bono Masterclass is a half-day training that aims at creating a new generation of EU public interest lawyers and advocates.

Lawyers from the private sector, academics and NGO advocates will be trained to effectively collaborate in the public interest.

Through interactive, skill-based sessions covering both the theoretical and practical foundations of pro bono and public interest lawyering, participants will have a unique opportunity to learn how to conduct and structure pro bono work in the EU space.

Issues such as case referral, drafting of terms of reference, conflict of interest checks and day-to-day management will be covered and a simulation will be offered.

The European Pro Bono Masterclass in detail

Past  & Future Sessions

21 March 2017, Rome 

24 March 2017, Brussels

2 June 2017, Brussels

15 November 2017, Milan 

30 November 2017, Madrid

7 December 2017, Brussels

25 April 2018, Kiev

2 May 2018, Milan

Please send us your resume and a one-page letter explaining your motivation, past experience in public interest work, and how you intend to use your new skills once back in office.

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If you are:

  • a lawyer working in an international or domestic law firm and keen on providing pro bono services to civil society organisations;

  • an in-house lawyer with a public interest vocation;

  • an activist who intends to rely on pro bono in your daily advocacy work; or

  • an academic (Ph.D. candidate, post-docs or junior academic) who is willing to share some of your expertise with some civil society organisations active in the policy process.

Then, the European Pro Bono Masterclass may be for you!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at: