The Good Lobby  Advocacy¬† School

Call for Applications

Activists, junior lawyers and young academics from all over Europe are invited to apply for The Good Lobby Advocacy School.

This one-day training event is a unique opportunity to learn how to sharpen your advocacy skills and enhance your voice in the EU and national decision-making processes.

The Good Lobby Advocacy School will take place on:

Friday 23 June 2017, from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm

@ The Good Lobby, Maison des Associations Internationales, Rue de Washington 40, Brussels

Through workshops, discussions and role-plays, you will gain practical skills that will make your voice or that of civil society organisations count in the national and EU policy process. You will learn how to set up a campaign, lodge a complaint or start a European Citizens’ Initiative.

You will also learn how to receive and provide advocacy advice at the EU level by learning about the untapped potential of high-impact pro bono.

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How to Apply?

The School is open to:

  • Activists who are below 35 years old and have a public interest vocation
  • Lawyers working in an international or domestic law firm and who are keen on providing pro bono services to civil society organisations
  • Academics (Ph.D. candidates, post-docs or junior academics) who are interested in devoting some of their time to civil society organisations active in advocacy.

Apply today

Please send us a two-page cv and a one-page motivation letter explaining what you expect from the training, and how you intend to deploy the new skills that you have developed once back in your day job.

Full applications should be sent to before 9 June 2017.

Send us your application

Full applications should be sent to before 9 June 2017.

Send us your application or nomination!

Number of seats is limited. The Good Lobby will select between 25 and 30 participants.

Participation in the Advocacy School is free of charge for all participants. Scholarships covering travel and accommodation will be allocated based on needs.

Participants are also encouraged to register (for free) and follow the MOOC: Understanding Europe: Why it Matters and What it Can Offer You, available at

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