5 February 2021


Downsize Prisons, Upscale Humanity

While prisons are designed to provide justice for the victims of crimes, their main aim should be to help convicts re-enter society effectively. However, prisons are typically infamous for their inhumane conditions, abuse by inmates and personnel, and radicalization, leading to high recidivism rates.

by Simone Schirru & Amélie Snijders - The Good Lobby

The Good Lobby was happy to connect with and assist RESCALED in October 2020. This is a new inspiring social movement advocating to replace all prisons with detention houses to create safer and more inclusive societies.  


What are the benefits of small detention houses? Can they still ensure safety? RESCALED advocates for detention houses that are small in scale, integrated in the community and that differ in security levels, services and activities. As such, they enable more effective and humane punishment.


The movement is active in five different countries: Belgium, France, Norway, the Netherlands and Portugal. Yet coordination between the different chapters is not an easy task and can only be achieved if the movement has a united identity.


To help the RESCALED movement to move forward, The Good Lobby reached out to the founders of Yeehaa! Collaborative Consulting, Cristina Taboada and Philippe Bertinchamps.

Cristina and Philippe designed a series of highly tailored workshops under their Design Your Collaboration Journey program, which is a 3-step process to uncover common goals, design collaborative and collective actions, and visualize progress.

VoThe RESCALED team benefitted from six sessions that resulted in a deeper understanding of their common themes despite (and thanks!) to their local differences, the co-creation of a Progress map and an Action Plan, and a final overview of the collective actions to take next. 

The movement can now continue to fight for more humane detention conditions across Europe as their team grew stronger over the course of Cristina and Philippe’s assistance, ready to embark on their initiatives with a clearer roadmap to achieve their goals for much needed societal change. 

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