5 March 2021


Speak up for Equal Access to Education During the Pandemic

The Good Lobby assisted ADRA Europe in finding the right communication strategy to ensure that all children have access to the digital tools required for effective distance learning

by Amélie Snijders & Simone Schirru - The Good Lobby

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the education environment from the classroom to the living room. But how can we ensure that distant learners from socially deprived environments can benefit from access to IT technology and the internet? ADRA Europe wants to make sure that the European institutions keep up with the current educational developments.  


Maja Ahac, the Head of Advocacy at ADRA Europe, knows quite well that unity is strength, particularly in lobbying. That’s why she reached out to The Good Lobby in July 2020 to request communication assistance on B2B strategies to partner with private tech firms to seek momentum within the EU institutions, eventually highlighting how the regulatory framework should enforce distance learning, taking into account new challenges caused by the pandemic. 

The Case


The Good Lobby matched ADRA Europe with Attilio Gatti, a former communication specialist with a brilliant career in the private sector that currently dedicates his retirement to supporting humanitarian projects for universal education in the African continent. 


Attilio’s strategy was fundamental not only for ADRA’s activities in the European Union, but also to boost ADRA’s initiatives for compulsory education in its offices across the world where 262 million of children are denied their right to an education, making them vulnerable to exploitation, militias, and sex trafficking. 

The Outcome

Clearly, the fight for all children to receive effective education is continuous, even in developed countries such as those in the EU. In the meantime, ADRA Europe will keep advocating for child safety and empowerment in the coming years. Their most imminent steps will be to launch an advocacy campaign for compulsory upper secondary education in the EU in the year 2021, and to appeal to EU institutional donors to maintain the same level of funding for education in developing countries as before the pandemic.

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