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Companies, stop supporting Putin’s regime!


The quickest way to end the war in Ukraine is to stop trading with Russia, divest Russian assets and refuse to do business with Putin's regime. Some companies are doing it but unfortunately there are still many which have remained complicit or complacent. Sign the petition to ask companies to leave the Russian market!

Petition to the make sure the corporate world supports Ukraine by stopping their activities and leaving Russia

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Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, an increasing number of companies have stopped operating in Russia. Yet many are still staying and remaining silent.

Since the beginning of the conflict, we have begun to keep track of companies that have taken concrete actions to try to stop the war, ranging from public condemnation of the Russian invasion, to helping refugees, to donations, to exiting the Russian market. through the stop of sales and divestment. Investors, customers and citizens deserve to know which side of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict companies and brands are on.

Several media outlets, such as Forbes, the Financial Times, have given space to our initiative. Nicholas Kristof, a former New York Times reporter and two times Pulitzer Prize winner, referenced our work, tweeting: “I wonder why companies are still supporting Putin financially?

In addition to asking ourselves the same thing, we want to go further, thanks to the support of all the people who like us think that it is unethical to contribute, even indirectly, to the financing of tanks and missiles that are hurting the Ukrainian people.

Join our request and ask Ferragamo, Pirelli, Marlboro, Bayer and all the companies that have not yet decided to leave the Russian market to do so immediately.

Together we can be heard. Sign the petition!