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Better Participation: How do we get citizens to the centre of the Conference and European democracy?

15 December 2020 in Online


EU CAN DO IT: Saving lives with Participatory Democracy
(5th Meeting of the Council on Participatory Democracy)

The EU CAN DO IT Petition was a comprehensive package of proposals to manage the COVID-19 emergency and social, economic and climate crisis with a coordinated European effort presented through an official Petition to the European Parliament.

The Petition was supported by 8,000 people and over 50 organisations across Europe. Now, it is important to reach out to all those who signed it, and involve others, to invest in following-up to the Eu Can Do It petition by updating its demands and objectives, starting from what the EU has done and what is yet to be done, and new ideas/proposals towards the goal of new competencies of the European Union on health and social and civil protection

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Alberto Alemanno

Alberto Alemanno is the founder of The Good Lobby and Jean Monnet Professor in EU Law at HEC Paris since 2009. He has an extensive career as an academic and public activist. For the last decade, he has devoted his work on the democratisation of the European Union in areas such as public health, consumer rights and food policy as well as legal education reform. He has developed the concept of citizen lobbying to rethink representative democracy in the national and transnational space

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