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Impact Monday – Lobbying for Change

4 May 2020


Too often the word “lobbying” is referred as to big corporations influencing the elected representatives. Yet, lobbying can also be a useful and democratic tool that citizens should use to advocate for their cause and influence politicians in their governments between elections.


More than ever, we need resilient human beings able to navigate the complexity of this difficult situation for the foreseeable future.


This is a unique opportunity to meet Ashoka Fellow Alberto Alemanno, the visionary founder of The Good Lobby, to discover how lobbying can be a disruptive and democratic tool, learn more about how civil society can support the work of NGOs, and how to rethink systems and lobbying at times of unprecedented uncertainty.


The talk will take place on May 4th, between 4  and 5.30 PM.


The agenda is as follows:


  • Introducing The Good Lobby
  • How COVID19 affects NGO’s advocacy work?
  • The Good Lobby’s free Matchmaking between pro bono partners and NGO’s: how can civil society support the work of NGOs at times of unprecedented uncertainty?
  • Q&A and Closing remarks


Registrations are now open here: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=BTQjvGUP1Uebu1jccl31xjZHDqEIvhJKk0xMRKIpyexUMDg2SVJWQlRHOTZCNkVJOFNVMEg4VURCUy4u. You will receive a link to attend the conference.

You can find more information here: https://impacthouse.be/impact-monday-lobbying-for-change-3/



Alberto Alemanno

Alberto Alemanno is the founder of The Good Lobby and Jean Monnet Professor in EU Law at HEC Paris since 2009. He has and an extensive career as an academic and public activist. For the last decade, he has devoted his work on the democratization of the European Union in areas such as public health, consumer rights and food policy as well as legal education reform. He has developed the concept of citizen lobbying to rethink representative democracy in the national and transnational space.

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