Impact stories

Since 2017, at The Good Lobby, we have been developing the advocacy capacity of hundreds of NGOs and citizen movements while building unconventional coalitions with and among progressive companiesconsultancies, and philanthropic organisations. Now, the time has come for us to tell you all these stories.  Follow this space and our Impact Stories series where we will recount every alliance we have ever formed, their challenges and their outcomes.



In the coming decades, immense investments in clean energy will be needed to ensure we appropriately confront climate change. As
The Good Lobby was happy to connect with and assist RESCALED in October 2020. This is a new inspiring social
It was 2013 in Southern Italy when the killer bacterium of Xylella fastidiosa had begun to spread throughout the Apulian
When people think of plastic pollution, most of the time they think of single-use plastic items (such as plastic bags,
Even if the human right to health is universally recognised, some categories are often prevented from accessing it. This is