Our Impact



There are four main areas our work focuses on. Through these multiple activities, we influence major policy decisions, hold our political representatives accountable, and share new solutions with them to protect the common good.





Since 2015, The Good Lobby has assisted more almost 150 NGOs,  providing them with training sessions and high-level in-house and external pro bono expertise. We have delivered approximately 2000 hours of professional expertise in legal matters, public affairs, and communications, valued over one million euros in billable hours.


We have upskilled, and engaged with, more than 2,200 citizens in 26 cities across 21 countries around the world, including working with underrepresented groups and professionals.



Currently, we have a rapidly growing following of over 25,000 people engaging with our content and our activities on a regular basis. Our network comprises of more than 50 partner organizations, including NGOs, social entrepreneurs, companies, grant-making organizations, law firms, and universities across the globe.


We cultivate a network of like-minded people and organizations across Europe committed to increasing capacity for lobbying for change. Our newsletter audience gathers over 13,000 subscribers, including professionals, academics, lawyers, journalists — all of whom are committed to improving society.


Our social media audience – across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube – has grown by 100% in the last year to include 12,000 people. Our website garners approximately 80,000 views annually from people wanting to learn more about our organization, actively participating in our activities, reading our blog, or downloading our tools for citizen lobbying. In the past editions of The Good Lobby Awards, we scouted approximately 500 projects from citizens, academics, professionals, and NGOs committed to advancing the public good.


We have collected more than 1.5 million signatures to fight corruption through our campaigning activity over the past six years. Our efforts have led to the approval of 5 anti-corruption laws on national and EU levels, including the latest EU regulation to protect whistle-blowers.


To achieve these goals, we rely on a vast network of almost 150 like-minded partner organizations who share our value system and often team up with us. Our close collaborators include Action Aid, Ashoka, Transparency International, Libera contro le mafie, and VoteWatch.


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