Our Projects

Advocate Europe Project


“The journey is long but the goal is in each step!” We have started our European Civics Academy tour in 2018 in this spirit, and travelled to 16 EU countries across and beyond to deliver almost 20 workshops! Cities we visited include Prague, Zagreb, Paris, Oslo, Brussels, Budapest, Bielefeld, Rome, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Tallin, Dresden, Lyon, Belgrade, The Hague, Kyiv and Bilbao.

We have met hundreds of citizens, CSOs, institutional partners, Law Firms. In each city we visited, we delivered a workshop on participative democracy and the toolkit of the citizen lobbyist.

Here is a multimedia gallery of our workshops 


My Democracy Project


We gave our contribution to the participation at the European Elections 2019 by organizing a series of events and online contents with the support of the European Parliament. In doing so, we have reached almost 5 million people online while creating a video series which included the following:


Why does Europe exist?



What is the European Union?



Who calls the shots in Europe?