5 February 2021


EP 9 I What is European Racism? & How do we fight it?

This episode of Citizen Lobbyist investigates racism in Europe.

by Fiorella Lavorgna & Alberto Alemanno

After the assassination of George Floyd, we have seen a new wave of protests and indignation not only in the US, but also in Europe. While systemic racism may be harder to spot in Europe than in the United States, the roots of racism are the same on both continents. Systemic discrimination is not only present but also perpetrated by the same institutions that should fight to prevent it. 


Together with the Open Society European Policy Institute – OSEPI – we gathered four amazing female activists from different backgrounds who give their opinion on racism in Europe: 


Layla Azzouzi – Collective Against Islamophobia in Belgium

Dijana Pavlovic – European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture

Violeta Naydenova – Senior Policy Analyst on Roma and Anti-discrimination at OSEPI

Wetsi Mpoma – Bamko: Centre for Reflection and Action on Racism


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