11 May 2020


EPISODE 1 I Lobbying. What is it? Can Citizens do it?

by Fiorella Lavorgna, Alberto Alemanno

When was the last time you’ve made a difference for your community? It was probably the last time you voted. But democracy does not only take place on the election day. Why?

That is because elections are more about politics and less about policies and at the end of the day it is policies that have a significant impact on our lives as citizens. Take for example the EU Tobacco Directive that reduced the appetite for tobacco products, or the Whistleblowing Directive that offers protection to anyone in Europe denouncing wrongdoings. The problem is that citizens are often cut off from these major decisions, despite being the most affected by their outcomes.

Episode 1 discusses another counter-intuitive way to participate in public life – lobbying. That is because citizens, like corporates, can also lobby and have a say in the decision-making process.

Fiorella Lavorgna, together with our founder Alberto Alemanno and MEP Assistant, Mihael Mihov, we will debunk the myth of lobbying as a shady activity and discuss what a citizen lobbyist and why society needs more of them.

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10 May 2020