The Good Lobby Awards’ finalists are announced

This year, 27 finalists will be celebrated for their commitment to social change at The Good Lobby Awards

The Good Lobby has unveiled the 27 finalists of its 2019 Awards, who have distinguished themselves while lobbying for change.  

The Good Lobby Awards annually bring together individuals from different walks of life and organisations that have been successfully championing for social change. The Awards celebrate these initiatives, projects and campaigns that have sparked change in their communities. 

This year, The Good Lobby recognises the most successful citizen-driven projects and advocacy collaborations across nine different categories: Citizen Lobbyist, Pro Bono Lawyer, NGO, Academic, Pro Bono Professional, Philanthropist, Collaboration, Political Representative and Media.

Leading by example, this edition’s finalists, who come from eight different countries, have inspired – or led to – change on a range of critical issues such as climate change, data protection, LGBTQ or youth education. The Awards will also give The Good Lobby community the opportunity to vote for the most innovative and impactful project. Through the Community Choice Award, people will decide which of the 27 shortlisted finalists they prefer.  The voting has already started. You can browse their projects and cast your vote by accessing this link:

The Good Lobby Awards will take place on the 13th of December, at the European Economic and Social Committee, Rue Van Maerlant 2, 1000 Brussels, Room VMA. The final ranking will be announced during the Awards Ceremony. You can still register for the Awards Ceremony by accessing this link The deadline for registration is Monday, the 9th of December, at 10.00 AM.