The Good Lobby opens in Italy

After operating from its Brussels’ headquarters for years,  our civic startup opens an office in Milan to support citizen-driven movements, NGOs and progressive companies committed to social change in Italy.

Brussels, 21st of November, 2019. The Good Lobby lands in Italy to assist NGOs and citizen-movements committed to defending the common good through advocacy. Founded by Alberto Alemano, professor of European Law at HEC University and Ashoka fellow, The Good Lobby will join forces with Riparte il futuro, the leading campaigning organisation which has been committed to fighting corruption in Italy since 2013. Together, they will combine actions and campaigns aimed at tackling the most pressing current issues: growing economic and political inequalities, undue exploitation of the planet’s resources as well as endemic corruption. 

“The launch of The Good Lobby in Italy offers a unique opportunity to instil a new culture of citizen engagement through unconventional coalitions into the Italian public space at critical times for the country,” said Alberto Alemanno, founder and director of The Good Lobby.

In Italy, The Good Lobby will be building upon the many successes achieved by Riparte il futuro, over the last seven years. It will extend the organisation’s support to the Italian citizens and organisations who want to become agents of change through advocacy. The planned activities include a fully-fledged incubator of civil society projects through training courses, pro bono legal assistance, as well as pressure and awareness campaigns on politicians and institutions.  

“After years of cooperation, we’ve decided to combine our experiences to the service of a greater mission: to make the society in which we live more democratic, inclusive and equitable,” said Federico Anghelé, formerly Head of institutional relations at Riparte il futuro and now Director of The Good Lobby office in Italy.

Following their success in obtaining the enactment of the first Italian Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and law on whistleblowing, The Good Lobby will be advocating in Italy for new legislation on three main areas of interest: conflict of interests, tax evasion and money laundering, and the regulation of the lobbying activity. 

“Given the reformist push of the current government, we expect that a new legislative proposal governing lobbying will soon be included among the priorities of the political agenda,” said Federico Anghelé.