The Good Lobby Awards

The Good Lobby Awards is an annual celebration of projects, initiatives and campaigns led by citizens committed to lobbying for change. 


The Awards recognize the most successful citizen-driven projects and advocacy collaborations between citizen movements and companies, civil society organizations, political representatives, academics and/or foundations


We bring together individuals from different walks of life and organizations that have been successfully championing for social change. These are the 9 categories we are awarding:


Citizen Lobbyist – rewarding the most impactful action by an individual citizen in their community, be it at local, national or EU level 


Pro Bono Lawyer – rewarding the most impactful pro bono project supported by a law firm, in house counsel or individual lawyer, be it at local, national or EU level 


NGO – rewarding the most impactful campaign or action led by an NGO in the European space 


Academic – rewarding the civic commitment of one or more academics in the European space


Pro Bono Professional – rewarding the civic commitment of one or more professionals who actively supported citizen-driven initiatives and other collaborations by offering their pro bono expertise


Philanthropist – rewarding the commitment of one or more foundations to support non-profit advocacy across Europe 


The Collaboration of the Year – rewarding joint public interest work carried out by several professionals and NGO(s), grassroots movement(s), or citizens in the European space 


Political Representative – rewarding the commitment of one or more political representatives and/or political movement to new forms of engagement, collaboration and co-creation with the electorate via citizens lobbying participation 


Media – rewarding the media outlet that has contributed the most to cover the stories of citizens and organizations making social change happen across the continent, be it through investigative journalism, podcasts, citizen journalism or other media 


Past Editions