The makeup of the next Commission will be largely contingent on the results of the upcoming EU elections, as well on key decisions taken by the European Council. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. The race to define the political agenda of the next political cycle has already started with European Political Parties, the European Council, and the Commission’s services all lining up their priorities.

The Good Lobby has published a Roadmap to the 2024 Elections – a comprehensive guide outlining the movers and shakers, timelines, and opportunities to influence the next EU political cycle.

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EU Advocacy Check-lists

Together with the European Parliament, The Good Lobby organised an event that served as a collective reflection on the most effective ways citizens and civil society organisations can participate and influence EU decision-making.

We have distilled the tools and wisdom shared by the panelists into practical, handy checklists.


Would you like to delve deeper? Watch the full event for more insights:

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EU Advocacy Timelines

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