The Good Lobby Diagnostic provides any company regularly engaging with public authorities a full analysis of its corporate political activities and their governance. This innovative self-assessment tool scores the organization’s political conduct against ‘best lobbying practices’ as they emerge from existing voluntary initiatives, from ESG data providers to sustainability frameworks, as systematically collected by The Good Lobby Tracker.

offers to any user:

1. A collection of all their political activities’ data in one place.

2. a baseline upon which to measure future improvement.

3. a benchmark against other players.

4. guidance on areas of improvement upon which to act.

Ultimately, the diagnostic consists of a self-assessment tool internal (and therefore confidential) to the organization. As such, the diagnostic acts as a bespoken real time navigator offering practical and confidential insights and help for all interested stakeholders in plotting the path towards corporate political responsibility and sustainability, including for individual companies, investors, trade associations, and philanthropies.

How it works

The Diagnostic consists of a checklist of approximately 30 questions aimed at gathering corporate political activities’ data. Based on the information provided, the user can receive a maximum score of 200 points. The checklist covers disclosure requirements alongside additional conduct-related information, including detailed questions on each of the following 8 categories:

As such the Diagnostic provides actionable advice on how that organization may strive to further improve its corporate political activities, both in terms of governance and conduct.


In addition to existing standards as emerging from the leading corporate political data initiatives, the Diagnostic has been enriched by additional criteria developed by The Good Lobby (and gathered under category VII) that further contribute to raise the standards for corporate political engagement and improve the quality of the policy process.

As such, the Diagnostic aspires to list all the qualities a regulation on corporate political transparency and accountability should have. It reflects the latest thinking by practitioners and scholars on what a clear, comprehensive actionable assessment and reporting of a company’s political activities should look like and strive towards.

The diagnostic was designed in collaboration with The Good Lobby Tracker advisory board and benefited from informal consultative processes. It has been piloted by several leading companies operating globally.

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