We work to make society more participative and fair

The Good Lobby is a non-profit civic start-up committed to equalizing access to power for a more plural, inclusive and democratic society.  We believe that every citizen can make a difference in their community. To this end, we inspire, train and help citizens to influence major policy decisions, hold their political representatives accountable and share new solutions with these officials.


To drive our impact, we build unconventional collaborations and alliances with and among NGOs, progressive companies, consultancies, and philanthropic organizations. Ultimately, our mission is to help citizens and other organizations to set up  ‘good lobbies’, enabling them to balance the undue influence of special interest groups.

For this purpose, The Good Lobby popularises and democratises the various channels of participatory democracy existing at local, national and EU level. 


By embracing lobbying, everyone can gain a seat at the table and make their political system more responsive to societal needs.   It’s time to be heard wherever you are and change society for the better, through many more voices.


Read about Our Impact Journey since 2015  here.

What we do

The Good Lobby enhances the advocacy capacity of civil society organizations while making corporate lobbying more transparent, ethical, and sustainable (“good lobbying”). 


To do this, TGL provides strategic advocacy advice, delivers advocacy trainings, supports the development of “good lobbying frameworks” applicable to both for-profit and non-profit, and advocates for lobbying reform and, more broadly, sustainable lobby practices. It also acts as a clearinghouse matching the legal and advocacy needs of nonprofits with pro bono experts willing to share their expertise and skills.




The Good Lobby provides clients and beneficiaries with advocacy and legal advice as well as policy research, ranging from legal analysis, stakeholder mapping, media monitoring, and communication. We serve a variety of client causes, from corporate social governance, consumer and animal rights to renewable energy, biosecurity, and sustainability.




The Good Lobby has trained thousands of advocates from hundreds of organizations across Europe and the globe. Our tailored workshops can range from several hours to several days to help NGOs and businesses upskill their advocacy work and increase their impact. Learn more about this.




On an ongoing basis, The Good Lobby offers in-depth, tailored advocacy academies to take a deeper dive into each step of our citizen lobbyist methodology and accompanies organizations for 4-6 months to upskill their advocacy and organizational capacities. By accompanying this selected group of organizations for several months at a time, TGL is able to address concrete advocacy needs and provide tailored webinars, in addition to individualized mentoring and project development services.




We campaign for causes that enhance social and environmental justice, counter corruption and inequality, and amplify citizen voices. See our recent campaigns and make a difference with us. Starting a campaign and would like our support? Reach out




Since its inception in 2015, The Good Lobby has served as a clearinghouse linking NGOs with legal and policy experts willing to offer their services on a pro bono basis. To date, we have matched hundreds of cases, generating more than  3 million euros in value. We do so thanks to our network of pro bono members. Are you in need of pro bono assistance? Please fill out the formAre you a legal or policy expert looking to offer your services? Please contact [email protected]

Why we do it

Many of us feel powerless today. Political power is increasingly unequally distributed, civil society is too often ignored and underrepresented, and there is a general disengagement from the policy process, especially among young people.


As citizens, we deserve a stronger voice in the policy processes affecting our lives.   Due to growing polarisation, our society is missing out on many collaborations that could emerge between citizens, progressive companies and their employees.


So, what can we do to eradicate the feelings of powerlessness and bridge the gap between us and our representatives?


We believe that change can be created by ordinary people possessing strong ideas… and a plan.   We want these ideas to be brought to fruition, for a society that is more participative, inclusive and fair.

Our story

We began in 2015 as a volunteer-based civic startup, with the mission to address the escalating crisis of our representative democracies.    We’ve come a long way from those days. As of 2020, we have a permanent staff of young and diverse professionals based in Brussels supporting our mission and engaging with citizens passionate about having their voices heard.


We have also established an office in Milan, thanks to the partnership we formed with the Italian leading campaigning organisation Riparte il Futuro. We are seeking new and additional partners to continue extending our reach.


Today, we are busy reinventing our local and transnational presence in communities across Europe and beyond through the creation of many more citizen-powered ‘good lobbies’.   To learn more about our victories, check here.

Meet the team

Brussels Office

Alberto Alemanno

Founder - [email protected]

Kelsey Beltz

Managing Director - [email protected]

Evlin Kavak

Chief Operations Officer [email protected]

Sara Modonesi

Project Manager - [email protected]

Giulia Neri

Policy Manager - [email protected]

Richard Delahay

Communications Manager - [email protected]

Francesco Zatelli

Head of Pro Bono - [email protected]

Marilia Rojas

Visual Communications Officer - [email protected]

Kamila Czerwinska

Climate Consultant - [email protected]

Maarten de Groot

Consultant, Participatory Democracy - [email protected]

Milan Office

Federico Anghelé

Director - [email protected]

Mattia Anzaldi

Head of Education - [email protected]

Martina Turola

Head of Communication - [email protected]

Laura Ghisellini

Managing Editor - [email protected]

Salvatore Papa

Policy Officer - [email protected]

Fabio Rotondo

Campaign and Policy officer - [email protected]

Priscilla Robledo

Campaigner - [email protected]

Velentina Ferrari

Junior Project Manager - [email protected]

Clara Pastorino

Research & policy - [email protected]

Bianca Dominante

Communication Assistant - [email protected]

Paris Office

Gaëtan de Royer

[email protected]

Arthur Bonhême

[email protected]

Nayla Khebibeche

[email protected]

Pauline Daniez

[email protected]

Anastasia Guillien

[email protected]

Justine Journaix

[email protected]

The Good Lobby Scholars

Nicoletta Rangone

Professional Profile

Michele Crepaz


Laurent Pech


Dr Vigjilenca Abazi

Professional Profile

Benjamin Bodson


Sébastien Fassiaux




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Piazza Castello 26, 20121 Milano

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