We work to make society more participative and fair

The Good Lobby works to make our political systems more equal by giving nonprofits, activists, progressive businesses, and philanthropies a greater voice in the policy process.


As we believe that the quality of public decision-making improves when all the different parties can have their opinions heard, we also advocate for a more accessible, transparent, accountable, and responsible lobbying environment.


Our work enhances the advocacy capacity of civil society organisations while making corporate lobbying more transparent, ethical, and sustainable. 



From tailored workshops to in-depth incubator programmes, we help grassroots movements, NGOs, philanthropies, as well as progressive companies to improve their advocacy capacity and political engagement. We teach new tools to both scale up and responsibly professionalise lobbying and advocacy strategies. 


Participants have the opportunity to form new alliances, expand the scope of their work, and increase their impact at EU, national and local level.


We provide clients with strategic advocacy, legal and policy advice, ranging from legal analysis, academic research and stakeholder mapping to media monitoring and communication. This can focus on the local, national, EU and international level.


Our team helps your nonprofit or progressive business achieve its policy goals. We combine our expertise of the “EU bubble” and passion for better policymaking with yours. Together, we can counter the influence of powerful vested interests and ensure progressive policies are at the heart of EU policy.



When organisations don’t have the resources to cover their advocacy and legal needs, The Good Lobby connects NGOs and social change actors with legal and policy experts offering their services on a pro bono basis. 


Our pro bono members have the opportunity to coach and mentor grassroots activists and participants of our advocacy academies. Members are invited to events aimed at strengthening the capacity of civil society and addressing their most pressing needs. These include roundtables and training on EU law, SLAPPs, GDPR, nonprofit law, strategic litigation, and environmental and competition law.

Meet the team

Brussels Office

Alberto Alemanno

Founder - [email protected]

Kelsey Beltz

Managing Director - [email protected]

Evlin Kavak

Chief Operations Officer [email protected]

Sara Modonesi

Policy Officer - [email protected]

Giulia Neri

Policy Manager - [email protected]

Felix Sames

Policy Manager - [email protected]

Gabriele Sorce

Legal and Policy Intern - [email protected]

Richard Delahay

Communications Manager - [email protected]

Marilia Rojas

Visual Communications Officer - [email protected]

Francesco Zatelli

Head of Pro Bono - [email protected]

Kamila Czerwinska

Climate Consultant - [email protected]

Maarten de Groot

Consultant, Participatory Democracy - [email protected]

Milan Office

Federico Anghelé

Director - [email protected]

Mattia Anzaldi

Head of Education - [email protected]

Martina Turola

Head of Communication - [email protected]

Laura Ghisellini

Managing Editor - [email protected]

Salvatore Papa

Policy Officer - [email protected]

Fabio Rotondo

Campaign and Policy officer - [email protected]

Priscilla Robledo

Campaigner - [email protected]

Velentina Ferrari

Junior Project Manager - [email protected]

Clara Pastorino

Research & policy - [email protected]

Bianca Dominante

Communication Assistant - [email protected]

Paris Office

Gaëtan de Royer

[email protected]

Arthur Bonhême

[email protected]

Nayla Khebibeche

[email protected]

Pauline Daniez

[email protected]

Anastasia Guillien

[email protected]

Justine Journaix

[email protected]

The Good Lobby Scholars

Nicoletta Rangone

Professional Profile

Michele Crepaz


Laurent Pech


Dr Vigjilenca Abazi

Professional Profile

Benjamin Bodson


Sébastien Fassiaux




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Piazza Castello 26, 20121 Milano

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