The Spitzenkandidaten: Democracy Ranking

For the European elections, each Europarty appoints a Spitzenkandidaten, a lead candidate. The Spitzenkandidat of [...]

Do Europarties care about civil society? An analysis of their manifestos 

In dissecting the manifestos of the main Europarties, a worrying trend is apparent in their [...]

Is Science Still Able to Influence Politics?

– The EU’s failure to adopt climate adaptation measures could prove catastrophic – On 11 [...]

Do Lobbying Registers Work? A New Study

Transparency stands as the cornerstone in addressing the disproportionate sway of corporate lobbying in policymaking. [...]

You — yes, you — can use your skills, ideas and energy to help fix democracy

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Official Launch of The Good Lobby Tracker

5 October 2023 The Good Lobby officially launched The Good Lobby Tracker: the first attempt [...]

Towards a Global Lobbying Standard? Lessons from the Future

By Alberto Alemanno and Michele Crepaz   What should lobbying be about and how to [...]

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Biometric mass surveillance: do not compromise on our security

With the Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act), the European Union aims not only to regulate [...]

The Good Lobby Tracker

There is growing momentum worldwide to make business responsible for the ways it impacts the [...]

Call for papers: EJRR Long-term governance within the EU

In today’s EU decision-making, future generations have no rights or representation. Existing long-term EU strategy does [...]