Alberto Alemanno


Alberto is an academic, author, and civic entrepreneur committed to improving people’s lives through the adoption of power-shifting reforms countering social, political, economic, and health disparities of access within society. Due to his commitment to bridge the gap between academic research and policy action,  he has pioneered innovative forms of academic and civic engagement that were recognized by the World Economic Forum (Young Global Leader), Ashoka (Ashoka Fellow) and the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship (Social Innovator of the Year). Alberto is a regular media contributor (The Guardian, Bloomberg, Le Monde, Politico Europe, Euronews, BBC World) and analyst of current developments and advisor of social change organisations, such as philanthropies, NGOs, progressive companies as well as governments and EU/international institutions. Originally from Italy, Alberto is a graduate of Harvard Law School, the College of Europe and holds a PhD in International Law & Economics from Bocconi University.

He established The Good Lobby in 2015 as a volunteer-based nonprofit and led its  transformation into a social enterprise with offices in Brussels, Milan, Paris and Madrid. Alberto mainly focuses on key strategic projects to ensure they all advance the organisation’s mission.

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