Marco Giufrè

Marco is a communication and policy professional specialised in political communication. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sciences and Languages for Communication, a Master’s degree in Public and Political Communication Strategies, and a Master’s Degree in Global Marketing and Communications. 

In addition to his academic background, Marco has gained experience in communication and policy through his previous roles. At national level, spanning Italy and Poland, Marco has worked in diverse environments, including cultural associations, a trade union, an online newspaper, and as part of a politician’s staff. In February 2021, he relocated to Brussels to embark on a traineeship at the European Economic and Social Committee. For more than two years, he worked with a Brussels-based NGO in the field of public health. 

In November 2023, Marco joined The Good Lobby, where he is responsible for the organisation’s communication efforts, bridging the gap between policy initiatives and communication strategies. Marco is deeply passionate about the role of civil society in shaping and influencing policymaking. As a music enthusiast, Marco plays various musical instruments and a significant portion of his free time is dedicated to both playing and listening to music.