Following the success of its pilot edition in 2022, The Good Lobby Climate Incubator welcomed a new round of eager participants to begin their advocacy journey this week.

Over the course of the next six months, this one-of-a-kind programme will upskill advocacy strategies and professionalise the organisational skills of grassroots climate movements, with a focus on young campaigners from Eastern, Central, and Southern Europe.

Funded by the European Climate Foundation and selected via an open call with over 70 applications, this year’s selected organisations are:

The programme kicked off with a call to action from The Good Lobby’s founder, Professor Alberto Alemanno, who shared insights from his vast experience in political influence. He offered participants a crash course to rethink their understanding of lobbying and advocacy, and to move from protest to action.

The participants offered their own views and perceptions about lobbying, which provided plenty of fuel for discussion.

The session closed with an unexpected photobomb of a participant’s puppy during Q&A, an icebreaker we can only hope to be widely replicated!

On a human level, The Good Lobby Climate Incubator seeks to not only boost the advocacy and organisational capacities of social movements and organisations within the climate community, but ultimately to amplify their causes, increase their impact, and make their voices heard in the international policy process.

Participants will also benefit from one-on-one mentorship and project development support from The Good Lobby’s network of legal, policy and communication experts.

This year’s programme will run through July 2023. We cannot wait to see what ideas and action the collaboration generates! Stay tuned for more updates.