The Good Lobby has assisted the Inner Green Deal Initiative by providing pro bono lobbying assistance to empower leaders across industries for more environmentally and socially sustainable actions.

A record number of intense wildfires has ravaged large territories across Italy, Greece, and Turkey, extreme rainfall has suddenly wiped away entire neighbourhoods across Germany and Benelux, while rain has taken the place of year-long snow in the summit of Greenland for the first time on record

This is not the plot of a new Hollywood catastrophic movie. This is what summer 2021 looked like in the European continent this year, alone. Although several factors can come into play, it is undeniable that extreme weather conditions are directly linked to global warming. These intense weather phenomena have already been taking a toll over people’s lives, businesses and Earth ecosystems at a much quicker rate than in the past. 

In a “make-or-break-decade” the European Commission has announced a set of ambitious environmental measures under the long-awaited European Green Deal. Climate change is an all-encompassing issue that affects everyone,  with consumers having to change the way they consume, and constructive discussions to be engaged by different actors across different industries. Jeroen Janss, Director of Awaris EU, a brilliant community of change-makers, is perfectly aware of the important role leaders have to play.

Jeroen and his team want to inspire leaders across industries to take bolder actions and promote positive change. As a facilitator and coach, Jeroen leads the Inner Green Deal Initiative which aims at empowering compassionate and impactful leaders to take on the challenges faced by climate change with the support of evidence-based programs and experts involved in climate research, economics and politics. 

Jeroen reached out to The Good Lobby back in 2020 to ask for a stakeholder mapping to highlight pertinent actors involved in the European Green Deal. What came as a simple request, turned out into a fruitful exchange and training-like cooperation on EU advocacy from Alberto Rocamora García, an advocacy advisor who kindly worked on a pro bono basis for them. 

The Case

Thanks to the pro bono assistance from Alberto, Awaris was able to receive highly professional support in developing a stakeholder map of the key players in the field of sustainability in Europe. Furthermore, the civil society organisation received best practices and great advice from Alberto’s large experience in EU public affairs. 

The Outcome

Programs like the Inner Green Deal Initiative represent a great forum for leaders and citizen lobbyists to come together, share their knowledge and unite forces for urgent and well-needed causes like tackling climate change. The initiative, as well as the pro bono assistance kindly provided by Alberto, are exemplary of the importance of forging impactful collaborations between different actors for the sake of society and the planet. The Good Lobby is proud to channel this as its own modus operandi throughout its different activities.

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