On November 8-10, The Good Lobby Founder Professor Alberto Alemanno, Head of Global Partnerships Kelsey Beltz, and Policy Manager Felix Sames attended the Allianz Foundation Summit in Berlin. Against the stunning backdrop of the Futurium Museum, the summit centered around the theme of Just Futures: building bridges and enabling better living conditions for the next generations.

Envisioning Utopia: Alberto Alemanno’s Opening Remarks

Amidst the intricate challenges of our time, encompassing wars, climate change, and geopolitical tensions, the summit provided a distinctive platform for participants, coming to the arts, culture and activism, to engage in an imaginative exercise. The emphasis was on envisioning a utopian world where climate justice, racial justice, and intergenerational justice have been realised.

Alberto Alemanno’s opening remarks on Day 2 inspired participants to shift their mindset from dystopian thinking to imagining a better world. After reminding that we are the by-product of the imagination of our predecessors, he urged attendees to contemplate the necessary societal, political, and individual steps required to bring about transformative systems change for the benefit of both present and future generations.

Policymaking for Future Generations: An Interactive Workshop

Later in the day, Kelsey, Felix and Alberto led an interactive workshop on integrating the rights of future generations into policymaking. By scrutinising practices from both ancient and contemporary perspectives, the workshop aimed to explore how the rights of unborn generations can be meaningfully incorporated into political decision-making. Thought-provoking questions arose, such as how to craft policies that are ‘intergenerationally fair’ and how to redefine the concept of ‘ownership’ of land and the planet. Engaging conversations with participants left us inspired and eager to delve deeper into these critical issues.

Just Futures

Insights from the Allianz Foundation’s Latest Report: “The Movers of Tomorrow?”

A significant highlight of the Summit was the unveiling of the Allianz Foundation’s latest report, “The Movers of Tomorrow? How Young Adults in Europe Imagine and Shape the Future.

Surveying over 10,000 young adults across five European countries, the report uncovered intriguing insights. It revealed that youth envision a future that is green yet less equal, militarised yet less safe, and diverse yet more divided. Although the majority of young adults were politically active through voting, donations, or boycotting, there remains reluctance to translate this action into civic engagement, such as participating in demonstrations or working with a political movement.

Empowering the Future: The Good Lobby’s Commitment

As The Good Lobby continues its tireless efforts to empower young people in transitioning from protest to action, we believe our trainings and toolkits can significantly contribute to advancing civic engagement and encouraging meaningful political involvement. It is through such active participation that we can collectively strive towards ensuring just futures for all.

Stay tuned for more updates on our ongoing work and collaborations!